Open Test Days

Some Fridays & Occasional Weekends

For a full list of Open Test days, please refer to our Calendar of Events page. Open Test days are not for beginner drivers, all participants must have track experience on a road race track. Street cars are allowed on most Open Test days, there will be a specific designation on the Calendar of Events page when street cars are NOT permitted. Soft tops or convertibles must have rollover protection (factory or aftermarket). There is NO pre registration for any of the Open Test days, sign up will begin at 7:00AM in the main track office. The MANDATORY drivers meeting for full day participants begins at 8:30AM in the tower building and 12:30PM on the patio on front of the tower for half day participants. There are no half days in the morning, only in the afternoon.

The configuration being used on a given Open Test day is listed in parenthesis on the Calendar of Events page (#13 CW) for example. An Open Test without a configuration listed is still TBD. Note that all Open Test days before large event weekends (Cal Club, NASA, VARA, etc.) will ALWAYS use the track configuration the weekend event plans to use.

Motorcycle Open Test days are run only prior to AFM race weekends. All riders must have an AFM race license or an equivalent race license. We run a 3 group format all based on AFM practice run groups. There is also no pre registration for Motorcycle Open Tests. Rates can be found below. Full day riders meeting will be at 8:30AM and 12:30PM for half day.







Drivers: $175 Full/ $125 Half
Cars: $125 Full/ $75 Half

Annual Test Card:

The Annual Test Card is available for $100 and it works like a discount card. The card may be used during any non-exclusive, OPEN TEST day (cars only) designated as such by Buttonwillow Raceway Park. A driver with an Annual Test Card receives a $50 discount on a full day and a $30 discount on a half day at each OPEN TEST. An Annual Test Card is NOT required to participate in an Open Test Day.